Conditions Under Which You Can Claim Car Compensation Under Lemon Law

The primary goal of the formulation and enactment of the lemon law is to ensure that the rights of the consumer are protected if they, unfortunately, purchase goods that are deemed to be faulty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act highlights the standard guidelines for the compensation. The lemon law is particularly popular in car dealership businesses where it is aimed at promoting the obligations of the seller or manufacturer, at the same time championing the rights of the buyer.

Thus, it is called upon every vehicle buyer to be aware of the rights that they are entitled to when conducting any purchase. If one purchases a vehicle and discovers that it has serious safety concerns or serious faults, together with the lawyers they have the liberty to seek more information about the history of the product. Based on this, then the client can advance their lemon law claim. Besides the above, let us look at the various conditions and grounds under which one can claim their car compensation under the lemon law.

Undisclosed Rental History

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When a dealer gets a car from a rental company, the involved company is under obligation to disclose all the relevant information and history about the involved vehicle. This is supposed to be the standard procedure even if the dealer himself does not seek the information.

The above information is essential as the level of vehicle care varies depending on the owner of the vehicle. Thus if one makes a purchase and this information is not disclosed to them as required, then they have a right to pursue compensation under the lemon law.

Prior Damage

If one sells a vehicle, and it happens that it was damaged before and that information is not disclosed, then they can file for compensation. When such information is not disclosed in advance, its safety and integrity are severely compromised. You will realize that when most consumers are making purchases of used vehicles, they will never forget to ask whether they have been involved in an accident and been damaged in any way.

However, some salespeople are likely to lie about this or fail to disclose such information. If the customer realized that this was the case after purchase, then they can likely file for compensation.

Undisclosed Salvage History

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With the development in technology and the upscaling of skills by mechanics, it will not occur as a surprise that vehicles that have been involved in accidents before and have been adequately compensated by insurance are taken for repairs and sold to unsuspecting clients.

When this happens, the safety levels that they offer is severely compromised. Thus, the law requires that such information is disclosed to the client, and if not if the client discovers later they are likely to file for compensation under the provisions of the lemon laws.

Extended Warranties or Service Contracts That are Invalid

This is one of the tricks that dealers use to lure more customers. They usually offer irresistible service contracts and extended warranties which many a time turn out to be invalid. When this happens to a client they can likely seek solace from the lemon law.

Five Tips For Choosing a Seattle Attorney

It’s challenging to encounter issues like a lawsuit. In most cases, the victims always don’t know what to do or where to start. You will even face lots of problems if you encounter a lawsuit that requires you to part with a considerable amount of money as a penalty. If you fail to pay the cash they the chances are that you might languish in prison for an extended period.

The great news is that you can talk to a Seattle attorney to help you with the issue. An excellent Seattle lawyer operates professionally and skillfully in their field. It’s worth noting that not all Seattle attorneys are cut from the same cloth, and you have to be a lot keener to choose the right attorney. The hints as mentioned beneath will help you to find the right Seattle lawyer for your case.

Check Area of Specialization

The law is immensely complex meaning that a divorce attorney might not understand more about personal injury law. If you are looking for a Seattle attorney to help you get compensation after an accident, then you should go for an injury lawyer. It won’t make any sense going for a business attorney to help you with your injury case. Avoid working with an unspecialized attorney as much as possible.

Duration Matters

lawyer handshackAsk each attorney you are considering how long they expect the case to last. It is vital as the information will help you plan. If you are involved in an accident then you might be missing work, medical bills might be piling up, and other costs might rise rapidly. Having a rough idea of how long the case will help you to hang on until the end. Its also a grand plan to know how long your life will be interrupted by the proceedings, hearings among other events.

Consider Track Record

When vetting the Seattle attorneys, its essential to find out more about their track record. Don’t pick an attorney just because they have won one or two high profile cases. Make sure that you look at their track record carefully. This doesn’t mean that you have to go back a decade, but you must be meticulous. Some attorneys boast of winning one or two high profile cases, but many smaller claims that they have handled don’t turn out so well.

Disciplinary Action

Has the attorney in question ever been disciplined or censured? If that is the case, then find out more about the reason. Its right that most attorneys in Seattle have never had disciplinary issues but if the one you are considering has, then you should stay away from them like the plague because it is a warning sign that the attorney is unethical and might not help you win the cases.

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Frequent Court Appearance

It is advisable to work with a Seattle attorney that is more than willing to appear in court on your behalf. A lawyer who is looking for the fastest way out will not fight for your rights accordingly. Gone are the blooms when you had to worry about getting a half-hearted compensation because the attorney doesn’t like the idea of appearing before the judge.

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Qualities Of A Good Family Attorney

Estate planning is a good thing to do early so that there is a clear guideline on the usage of your hard gathered property. Some people think that since they are alive, then having a family estate planning attorney is useless. Chaos rise if anything happens and you can no longer take charge of the property. Well if you happen to be looking for one, you can visit Law Offices of Leo L. Young for the most dedicated services. While sourcing for a good family attorney to guide through the real estate planning, then look for the following qualities in them

Qualities Of A Good Family Attorney


Attorneys and lawyers specialize in different fields of law, and no one wants to take a criminal lawyer to take them through real estate planning for your family. It will be a waste of time and money. Therefore, such an attorney must have knowledge in this field. Experience which goes hand in hand with the expertise will also be a plus. Well, the danger of hiring something without experience is that they may skip some important features of the process thus bringing problems in future.

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The biggest mistake would be to involve an attorney who is not honest in such a delicate process. It means therefore that they can compromise procedure by taking shortcuts. It would be better to get someone who has one of the core values as to hold a high degree of honesty. Law profession requires all its practitioners have honesty while assisting their clients.


A law practitioner without this value must quit with immediate effect. Family estate planning is a delicate issue to deal with, and if there is pressure to show favoritism to compromise the process, then one must stand with integrity they pledge the clients. As a client and looking for an attorney, it is good to do research on the level of integrity through customer reviews and feedback programs online to double check this quality.

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Availability and flexibility

Estate planning is a delicate process that might take some time to complete. As a client, the faster it is over and clear on the way forward, the better for your family. Therefore, it is better to have an attorney who would dedicate time until the process is over. Flexibility is also good as the process is subject to the government schedule. However hiring an attorney from a reputable office will ensure you enjoy such benefits.