Conditions Under Which You Can Claim Car Compensation Under Lemon Law

The primary goal of the formulation and enactment of the lemon law is to ensure that the rights of the consumer are protected if they, unfortunately, purchase goods that are deemed to be faulty. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act highlights the standard guidelines for the compensation. The lemon law is particularly popular in car dealership businesses where it is aimed at promoting the obligations of the seller or manufacturer, at the same time championing the rights of the buyer.

Thus, it is called upon every vehicle buyer to be aware of the rights that they are entitled to when conducting any purchase. If one purchases a vehicle and discovers that it has serious safety concerns or serious faults, together with the lawyers they have the liberty to seek more information about the history of the product. Based on this, then the client can advance their lemon law claim. Besides the above, let us look at the various conditions and grounds under which one can claim their car compensation under the lemon law.

Undisclosed Rental History

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When a dealer gets a car from a rental company, the involved company is under obligation to disclose all the relevant information and history about the involved vehicle. This is supposed to be the standard procedure even if the dealer himself does not seek the information.

The above information is essential as the level of vehicle care varies depending on the owner of the vehicle. Thus if one makes a purchase and this information is not disclosed to them as required, then they have a right to pursue compensation under the lemon law.

Prior Damage

If one sells a vehicle, and it happens that it was damaged before and that information is not disclosed, then they can file for compensation. When such information is not disclosed in advance, its safety and integrity are severely compromised. You will realize that when most consumers are making purchases of used vehicles, they will never forget to ask whether they have been involved in an accident and been damaged in any way.

However, some salespeople are likely to lie about this or fail to disclose such information. If the customer realized that this was the case after purchase, then they can likely file for compensation.

Undisclosed Salvage History

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With the development in technology and the upscaling of skills by mechanics, it will not occur as a surprise that vehicles that have been involved in accidents before and have been adequately compensated by insurance are taken for repairs and sold to unsuspecting clients.

When this happens, the safety levels that they offer is severely compromised. Thus, the law requires that such information is disclosed to the client, and if not if the client discovers later they are likely to file for compensation under the provisions of the lemon laws.

Extended Warranties or Service Contracts That are Invalid

This is one of the tricks that dealers use to lure more customers. They usually offer irresistible service contracts and extended warranties which many a time turn out to be invalid. When this happens to a client they can likely seek solace from the lemon law.

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Best Considerations When Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

Finding the right an appropriate attorney to represent you is the best move you can ever make. You, however, shouldn’t hire just any attorney but look for someone who specializes in personal injury cases and such like. Although the other attorneys may be able to help, you need a professional who understands this niche very well and has handled similar cases before. You can contact us for unrivaled services as far as personal injury law is concerned. Discussed below are three best considerations when choosing a personal injury lawyer.



Silhouette of man and woman This is one of the most important factors to consider when hiring an attorney to represent you in any case. Finding an attorney who specializes in personal injury cases is therefore recommended as this lawyer understands how sensitive these cases are, and knows what tactics to use to win a case. Specialization helps lawyers gain integrity in personal injury cases and also helps them have more power to persuade the jury into granting you, the compensation needed to take care of the injuries. The best thing about hiring a specialized attorney is that he/she understands where you are coming from, and has the negotiation power to negotiate with cunning insurance lawyers.


Experience is a critical factor that needs to be considered whenever hiring an attorney. It is by working on similar cases for a long time that a lawyer becomes ready to deal with the most cunning lawyers on the other side. In addition to this, experience helps the attorney build confidence and the willpower needed to convince the opposing counsel or jury that you indeed have to be compensated. Moreover, the attorney will be able to evaluate your case and determine whether it is a winner or not. In such instances, he/she will advise you on whether to proceed with the case or settle for that matter.


The lawyer’s reputation in the legal industry should also be considered as well. The reason why reputation matters greatly with legal issues is that the opposing counsel will look for the attorney’s weak points or shortcomings to manipulate. An attorney with a questionable reputation will settle as fast as he can before the another counsel humiliates him/her in the court. Nonetheless, hiring an attorney with a squeaky-clean reputation makes it possible for you to receive a reasonable compensation for the injuries and damages. Look for a lawyer with a reputation for winning cases and representing his/her clients well in court. Objectivity is another crucial factor that should be considered when hiring an attorney as well.


Scale with clock and coins Other factors that should be considered when hiring an attorney include the attorney’s personality, focus, availability, fee and billing structures among others. You also need to research more about the attorney, as well as the opposing counsel before making the hire. Remember that your future depends on this lawyer’s capacity to represent you well, and to fight for your right. Only hire the best and most affordable attorney you can find.

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IVC filters are devices implanted into a patient to prevent blood clotting to the heart, brain or lungs. They work by holding onto the clots in the bloodstream and then allowing them to break over time. These devices are mainly implanted in patients that cannot take blood-thinning medications or anticoagulants.


X-rayComplications have arisen for many people using these devices. Some of these complications are organ failure/damage, stroke, hemorrhage, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis and sometimes death has occurred.

FDA (United States Food & Drug Administration) has issued two separate warnings regarding these devices for patients having a high risk of blood clots.


The first one was in 2010. They advised that these devices may cause serious and life threating complication in a patient when left for too long. If a device is left for too long in a patient, it may cause the rise of more complications such as organ perforation by the filter, filter fractures perforating to other parts of the body, and perforation of the IVC vein.


They warned that the devices should be removed as soon as pulmonary embolism is purged from the patient. FDA in 2014 revised their earlier warning in that the devices should be removed from the 29th to 54th day after implantation. The greater the device remains in the patient; it becomes more difficult to remove and the greater the risk of injury increases.


scrabble tiles These complications have affected many patients who have filed lawsuits against the two manufacturers; Bard and Cook Medical. Lawyers argue that the manufacturers hid the results of their research.

The research had found the devices to be dangerous. Furthermore, C.R Bard forged an employee’s signature to get approval from FDA for its devices. Before the FDA gave the second warning regarding these devices, many lawsuits had already been filed.

Many of these lawsuits against the two manufacturers include negligence on their part of not giving enough information regarding the side effects of these devices. As of now many lawsuits are expected to arise due to these devices.

As much as there are many lawsuits already filed, Bard ivc settlements is yet to be achieved. However, many are expecting the trials to be concluded expeditiously resulting in compensations and settlement for the patients who have been affected and even those whose relatives have succumbed to death due to the use of these devices. IVC filter legal settlement includes monetary damages for; disability, lost remuneration, medical bills, pain and suffering of patients and relatives.