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The Most Commonly Broken Traffic laws

For a smooth road drive, all motorists should ensure that they keep all the traffic rules and regulations. Traffic laws are meant to prevent traffic from chaotic scenes on the road that creates a traffic snarl up which may last for hours. No motorist will wish to be caught in traffic as it wastes time and fuel. Failure to maintain traffic laws will also lead to road accidents which may be more ugly than expected.

There are common traffic rules which are mostly broken by motorists, they include

Speed limits

Speed limit sign Many motorists disregard speed limit boards put on the sides of the roads denouncing specific limit to be followed in certain areas. Most towns, airports, industrial areas and crowded places have fixed speed limits that should be followed for traffic to flow freely. These limits will also prevent accidents. Despite these clear precautions, many motorists violate the speed limits for their good.

Using communication gadgets while driving

This is a type of traffic law that is violated by nearly every driver on the road. It is not a fairy tale to find a driver communicating with his/her phone while driving. People give their callers the convenience of being attended to at all times at the expense of breaking the traffic rules. Survey has shown that variety of accidents is caused by the distraction of drivers by making calls or attending to their phones. Despite these, many drivers break this rule over and over.

Driving under drug influence

glass and keyAlcohol remains the most used drug by a variety of people. It is highly forbidden to drive under the influence of alcohol, or any other drug as it leads to vision impairment and one cannot judge accurately. Statistics points to drunk driving as the main cause of most of the road accidents. The study points out that nearly half of all fatal accidents are as a result of drunk driving and driving under influence of other known drugs.

Driving without seat belts and fasteners

The majority of countries and states nowadays have passed seatbelts and fasteners enforcement laws. These laws demand that every passenger and driver should have seatbelts fastened while traveling or driving. But contrary to these laws many passengers and drivers violate these laws at all times.

Driving without license and insurancedfcvgxcbn

Every competent driver needs to produce a valid and updated driver’s license and insurance. Some people neglect a driver’s license or fail to update them which is a serious traffic offense. Although it might not cause any harm, it is a law that should be followed to the latter.

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